In a Room


Beuteltier & Claudia Heinzler
Björn Kühn & Anna Romanenko
Nick McHarg
Signe Raunkjær Holm
Emily Wardill

23 April – 14 May 2017
Opening, 23 April 2017, 6pm
Leopoldstrasse 2, 76133 Karlsruhe

The ceiling and the floor fell in love, but only the wall knew.*

Is this the outcome of them being close? Does this even seem plausible to you?
Imagine a narrative as a straight line that goes astray. Imagine it becoming a haunted space, a cluster of possibilities that constantly re-institutes itself.
Would you still be able to trace the edges? If narratives are sense-making tools, what’s the relationship between plausibility and causality? How do you navigate through a story without closure … where events become loose ends dangling next to each other, waiting for the accidental touch.

In a Room is an exhibition that explores some of those questions and within the intimate setting of artist Claudia Heinzler’s private apartment.

*Adam Rex, Wall of Essence, Magic the Gathering (Stronghold Expansion Pack 1998)

Signe Raunkjær Holm

acting normal
Video, 2016

Emily Wardill

The Palace
16mm film installation, 7 30, 2013

Nick McHarg

Dolly Rig
Installation, video, 2016

Björn Kühn & Anna Romanenko

Frucht & Sprechen
Performance, 2016

Claudia Heinzler

Installation, 2017


Es ist Wasser ins Boot gelaufen /
Anleger mit Boot, 2008

Installation view

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