7 Types of Ambivalence

Dinner, Conversation

Mike Sperlinger

Sunday 24 July 2016, 7pm at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

Do feelings mix like drinks? Is Fremdschämen the opposite of Schadenfreude? Do we ever have unmixed feelings about contemporary art? Is ambivalence really the better half of irony? What is the difference, actually, between ambiguity and ambivalence? Should we feel ambivalent about misquoting William Empson for the title of this event? These are some of the questions which we might choose to discuss during a dinner prepared for us with special ambivalence by anorak, in which each course will be prefaced by a short presentation on subjects which we possibly care about more than we pretend to.

The evening is part of Mixed Feelings, hosted and curated by anorak, in collaboration with Palermo Galerie and Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. Taking the form of a dinner, a screening, a conversation and an exhibition, Mixed Feelings is centred around daily experiences and routines as ways of relating to a shared social sphere – the everyday as an atmosphere.

Kindly supported by Stiftung Kulturwerk, LBBW Stiftung & Anorak e.V. members.