Anorak is a registered non-profit organisation (Kunstverein) and curatorial trio dedicated to new formats of making and exhibiting contemporary art. Since 2016, anorak has been directed by Lukas Ludwig, Johanna Markert and Florian Model. Anorak e.V. serves as a test site to explore and create spaces of sincere, mutual exchange by providing an infrastructure which enables young artists to produce, share and critically discuss their work with diverse audiences.

Anorak’s way of working is collaborative and follows the necessities of a particular idea, work or practice. A process which takes time and focus. Decidedly not running a permanent off-space, anorak projects unfold as exhibitions, screenings, dinners or workshops which respond to the temporary conditions of the spaces they inhabit and are often realised in collaboration with other organisations.

Our members’ support enables us to be partially independent from external funding. With an anorak e.V. membership you support young contemporary art.

anorak e.V. members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Voting right in the annual general meeting which entails to propose and select the artistic director(s)
  • Invitations to all exhibition openings and events
  • Regular updates and insight into the development of each project
  • Guided tours
  • Advice in the realisation of exhibition projects (e.g. support in writing funding applications, research, press)
  • Access to anorak equipment

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